Kinky Facesitting

Hot facesitting girls

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Czech Princess Crystal agreed to meet this slave in a hotel for a session. She makes him lie down on the bed and sits down on his face immediately. She's wearing silver spandex pants and her ass looks absolutely perfect - unfortunately for the slave it's equally perfect to smother a guy! In between she gets up some times, spits into his mouth and verbally humiliates him!

Mistress Jessica's a little chubby but really gorgeous at the same time. She brought 2 slave girls for this facesitting session and sits down on their faces naked! The 2 girls take turns suffering under the big butt of their mistress and they're completely smothered too. When they start moaning and complaining too much Jessica simply puts them back in line by slapping their face before she sits down on their face again. The slave girls are nearly crying when their mistress finally lets them go.

Princess Chanel ordered her slave to lie down on the couch while she lifts her dress and exposes her sexy ass - just covered by a tiny tiny thong. Then she just sits down on his face and smothers him under her marvelous butt. She changes positions in between and also rests her stiletto shoes on his body and arms - digging the sharp heels into his flesh!

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